Steelers rookies get acclimated to life in the NFL, and in Pittsburgh, before training camp

Steelers rookies get acclimated to life in the NFL, and in Pittsburgh, before training camp More The National Football League used to have a Rookie Symposium which was meant to help rookies get acclimated to all facets of life in the league everything from living in a new city by yourself, earning more money than many have ever seen in their entire lives, and how to handle the success and fame which accompanies being an NFL star.

Chances are most, if not all, of those teams won’t go 5-7 this year, but that’s really not the point. No matter what, the potential herd has been thinned a bit by the Pac-12’s decision, and Rutgers has moved up the hypothetical board, if just by a few spots. Rutgers ranked 16th nationally in APR among teams with four and five wins on the penultimate weekend of last season. But two of the teams ahead of the Scarlet Knights were Pac-12 members. So Rutgers would have been 14th if the Pac-12 rule was applied then.

Associated Press in December that the political support for the casino project does not exist, and even Gural and Hard Rock say it could be five years or more before that might start to change.

New Jersey won a U.S. Supreme Court case in Ma y clearing the way for all 50 states to legalize sports betting if they desire. Delaware was the first state to do so following the ruling; New Jersey was close behind.

As we start thinking about where Trout will end up in his career, that’s going to matter. It’s not just that he has outhomered Bonds through 1,000 games, or that he has more WAR, but that he’s a year younger than Bonds was at this point. According to ZiPS projections, Trout has an estimated 25 percent chance of breaking Bonds’ WAR record, and a 10 percent chance of breaking the home runs record. Beyond those, Trout has outside shots at breaking the records for career runs or hits. MillerDaily notes: Pitcher and hitter rankings for Friday

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