Road to the College World Series: NCAA baseball tournament bracket, scores, schedule

The regionals of the 2018 NCAA baseball tournament began the road to the College World Series, which ends in Omaha, Neb.

The initial field of 64 college baseball teams began play at 16 regional sites around the country. The top 16 teams were seeded by the selection committee and will host a regional of four teams each.

The Bay Ridge, NY, native — who now lives in Gramercy, an easy commute to Rockefeller Center — is a pop-culture addict and a true comedy nerd. His warm-up act, Seth Herzog, is a veteran comic Fallon knew from a Lower East Side variety show. Some people are like, ‘Dude, the show was great, but especially the warm-up guy!’ I’m like, yeah, he’s OK. But I did a whole song and dance, I was covered in whipped cream going down a slide like a human tongue — that wasn’t entertaining?

One of the complaints about American football in London has been that the type of grass pitch that soccer teams use does not have the proper footing for American football. That results in players slipping and sliding, and the middle of the pitch getting torn up. Nobody is happy with that.

So the NFL is investing in a field that is specifically designed for American football. That field will be used for the first time on October 14, when the Seahawks face the Raiders.

Knox, whose father, Kevin Knox Sr., played wide receiver at Florida State and had two games with the NFL Cardinals in 1994, also will work out for the Cavaliers (eighth pick) and Bulls (seventh). Trading back a few notches, though, could be the best avenue to snare Knox.

Boston-based journalist Chris Mannix revealed on a podcast that Boston’s Kyrie Irving talked about playing for the Knicks with his former Cavaliers teammates, which has apparently alarmed the Celtics because he’s a 2019 free agent.

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