Cornerback DeAngelo Hall announces retirement from NFL

DeAngelo Hall is calling it a career.

According to’s John Keim, the veteran cornerback said “I’m done” when asked about his playing future.

If Boston stays home, Love pops open from deep. Switch, and Love works a mismatch — as he did in beasting on the play above. That play is instructive: Smart is on Thompson, and Boston is right to ride with wings guarding Thompson so that Horford can stay on Love. The Cavs haven’t punished that mismatch on the glass; they grabbed only 16 offensive rebounds combined in Games 2 and 3.

But you see one damaging ripple effect: Smart is the closest player available to rescue Rozier from guarding Love. Normally, the player defending Thompson would be a center well-equipped to do that. Smart is not a center. He is stout enough to withstand some Love post-ups, but Love shows here that when he gets mean, he can dislodge Smart. If he keeps doing that, Boston might send help.

One potential Boston solution: Have Rozier guard Smith instead of Hill, so that a bigger, more switchable player defends Hill. Of course, Cleveland can shift more of the two-man stuff toward Smith. Even so: That shift is probably a win for Boston.

Even the Hill-Thompson combination worked. It really shouldn’t, since the Celtics can switch everything when they have a smaller player — Smart, Morris, Brown — defending Thompson. But it’s still worth trying:

While that felony may be dropped, Anderson still is facing charges from a January arrest where he was accused of resisting arrest and threatening a public servant’s family. The charge of threatening the family was dropped in April, but he’s still on the hook for resisting arrest.

There was a warrant out for Anderson’s arrest in April after he didn’t appear for a court date, but the warrant was retracted when it was discovered the date of the court appearance was wrong.

Asked to reflect on the idea this week, James said it was “organic” and “easy.”ravens_015

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