Cowboys will use Tavon Austin in Lance Dunbar’s former role

The Cowboys didn’t trade for Tavon Austin the receiver. They traded for Tavon Austin the web back.

The Cowboys plan to use Austin the way they used Lance Dunbar.

Dunbar had 94 rushes for 422 yards and a touchdown and caught 68 passes for 646 yards in 54 games with the Cowboys when he wasn’t injured.

Obviously, he played slot. He’s a returner. And so what you try to do is you try to get the ball in his hands a number of different ways. When we played the Rams this year, they lined him up as a running back. They tried to hand it to him, to throw it to him throughout the year, and that’s what people have tried to do throughout his career. He’s certainly a dynamic guy, and we just felt like for the value he could come into our football team and help us, and add some explosiveness to our offense.”

The NFL would undoubtedly alienate some American fans by moving the Super Bowl overseas. But would having the sport’s biggest event in London attract enough international fans to justify the move? It appears that Khan thinks it could work, and given how seriously the NFL has taken the prospects of building a bigger fan base in London, he may have some support within the league office.

On All or Nothing, Dez says he can be an announcer. How about letting him join you in the booth? Since your chemistry is so good (which it was, not being facetious) then maybe he has a different future. It sure would be entertaining.

broncos_056_847aceb4bdf14383-180x180Tony and Dez were magic!! Here comes Dak, and he and Dez have zero chemistry 😦 Every w/r’s stats were way down last season, due to Dak being so inaccurate. Dez’s teammates, for the most part, say he is a great teammate!!! It is a shame he has not had a boatload of teams after him, imo. He played injured most of last season! They are now trying to make the team “Dak friendly”…smh It’s a crying shame, they did not think to do that for Romo, before he had sacrificed his all for Dallas. Coaching changes are desperately NEEDED!!

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